Tuesday, January 29, 2013

luahan hati 'worried muslimah' terhadap satu majalah mewakili muslimah2 sejati yang lain

assalamualaikum wbt :)

29/1/2013 dan aku masih di kolej, upm.sekian

panjang pulak tajuk kali ini. terbaca satu tajuk ni yang aku kira agak menarik dan membacanya. dan aku rasa ni mewakili suara hati muslimah2 sejati yang lain

well, sebelum tu, u should know MUSLIMAH SEJATI tu macam mane.peace. ^_^

dan mula2 terbaca artikel ni dari BeutifulNara, terfikir "oh, ada ke majalah ni". haha. nampak sangat xtahu ada majalah ni ~.~

Dear Hijabista ( @hijabistamag) , Hijabister

I am writing to express my concern over the portrayal of ‘hijab’ women in
your magazine. I believe in the concept of modesty accompanying the
muslimah attire (the hijab included) is a fundamental core one must
embrace. The Hijab is not a replacement of the ‘hair’ we cover. The hijab
isn’t just a cloth or layers of cloth on your head. It comes with a
package. Of intellect, manners and adab. It is a symbol of the believing
women, her ‘modesty’- A sign of dignity and pride. Your magazine bears no
sign of ‘modesty’ and I say this clearly, this is definitely very WRONG!
Portraying hijab women and “doll-ing” them up like models in Vogue but then
only to cover her hair is an absolute disgrace and mockery to us the
believing women. What more the women and cover girls who allow themselves to
be exploited as an object and fool themselves into thinking they are on
their ‘Deen’ and pleasing Allah by just covering their hair… How can you
even think you are pleasing Allah with all that make up, ridiculous styles
whilst purposely showing off your beauty and body.
Your magazine just as the likes of vogue and cosmopolitan has NO
intellectual nor spiritual dimensions to it except to brainwash and create
an unnecessary desire to the ‘hijabisters’ to own more and more stuff. In
reality, a real, true believing women DOES not need to display her
adornments to entice others. The believing woman has self confidence that
what is INSIDE her heart and MIND will indeed be of much more value than
all the silly bangles, sunglasses, shoes and handbags you bombard the
pages of your magazine with.
Your magazine corrupts young, sincere minds into foolishly thinking that
they are more beautiful with more shoes, accessories or ridiculous tudung
styles they do not need.
The best garments as the Quran states is Taqwa. And tell me where, in which
page of your magazine do you propagate this message? None, not one I’m
afraid. It is clearly a consumer driven magazine casting a spell with
women, where one will then start to wish on owning and buying or to ‘copy’
the ‘Photoshop-ed’ girls you portray.
I am afraid you are only destroying the hijab sisters filling their minds
with superficial beauty. Please take a sincere step back and help many lost
sisters out there to care more about diseases of their hearts instead of
merely emphasizing a message of “what is important is how you look and tie
your tudung’
A worried Muslimah
p/s: teringat kata2 Ustaz Hasrizal masa konvensyen fiqh wanita hari tu, beliau pernah menegur 'hijabster' kat twitter. mungkin terlalu sakit hati tengok keadaan hijabster yang makin hari makin ntah tak tahu apa2.

p/s/s: pernah terbaca pasal satu benda. kalau untuk urusan business, boleh memaparkan gambar hijab tersebut tapi biarlah kena dengan syariat. kalau dah terOVER mekap. TERGEDIK sakan. tak TERCOVER bahagian tertentu, thats not HIJAB.


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