Saturday, April 20, 2013

why is it so important for a muslimah to choose a righteous husband?

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

i am not 'racist' but because i am girl/muslimah, most of my post akan membela perempuan miahaha (apa kena gelak tak sopan ni)


Why is it so important for a Muslimah to choose a righteous husband who doesn’t only practice his Deen but also lowers his gaze from Haram?! 

yes. it is very very VERY important!

because the one who doesn’t lower his gaze from what Allah forbade, it will be so normal for him to look to non Hijabi girls in the street, it will be so natural for him to enjoy watching actresses in movies 

He will be filled with Haram glances until the beauty of his wife won’t satisfy him anymore, until his desire towards her decreases with time because inside of him, he will always compare her beauty with the fake one of actresses or top models who appear on tv
This is why Prophet Mohammad (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) said:“The furtive (lustful) glance is one of the poisoned arrows of Shaytan. Whoever forsakes it for the fear of Allah, will receive from Him (Great and Gracious is He) a faith, the sweetness of which he will find within his heart.” (al-Haakim.)

But the one who lowers his gaze from what Allah forbade, won’t see any other woman except his wife, she will always be enough for him. For lowering his gaze, Allah will reward him with the sweet pleasure of Halal with his wife ♥

until now i still can't understand how can a man can love or like more than one women ????

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